About Apical Agriculture

Apical Agri Academy founded in 2008 by the Founder/Director of APICAL, Mr. Manohar Dhakad.
Apicals Goal. Education is not all about studying and getting good marks. It is a meant to discover new things which we don't know. Our Objective is to Improve Agriculture and rural society.
2) To provide good quality education related with agriculture field.
3) To provide more opportunities to the younger's in agriculture field for their better future.
4) We want to establish a huge no of agri student having extra ordinary knowledge in agritech.

Our Vision

  • Integrity - Honesty in how we deal with our clients, each other and with the world.
  • Candor - Be open and upfront in all our conversations. Keep clients updated on the real situation. Deal with situations early; avoid last minute surprises.
  • Service - Seek to empower and enable our clients. Consider oursel ves successful not when we deli ver our client's final product but when the prod uct is launched and meets success.
  • Kindness - Go the extra mile. Speak the truth with g race. Deliver more than is expected or promised.
  • Competence - Benchmark with the best in the business. Try new and better things. Never rest on laurels. Move out of comfort zones. Keep suggesting new things. Seek to know more.
  • Growth - Success is a journey, not a destination. Seek to multiply/increase what we have - wealth, skills, influence, and our client's business.